Do you need a flu letter for your horse?


Flu letters

The USEF stipulates that all equines entering competition must have documentation of vaccination for equine influenza and Equine Herpes Virus (rhinopneumonitis).

If you are in need of a letter, please fill out the information to the right and Chris Dwyer will reach out to you. 

If your horse has received a flu vaccine from another practice, kindly send proof of vaccination via email ( or facsimile (845-878-7562). Please remember to include your name and contact information on the proof of vaccination. 


Please list the horse(s) and owner(s) as follows: 1) Horse's name / Owner's name 2) Etc.
Please provide the email address and/or facsimile to which you wish the letter(s) sent. If different destinations are required for each horse, please list as follows: 1) Horse's name / Address requested 2) Etc.
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Please leave the date by which the flu letter is required (a cushion of 5 days is advised for the avoidance of stress).
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