New England Equine Practice welcomes high school, college and graduate externs to visit the practice. Externs will have the opportunity to observe and experience state-of-the-art ambulatory and in-hospital equine practice with a variety of veterinarians across a range of specialities. 


New England Equine Practice offers a rigorous, post-graduate internship for veterinarians. Two interns share the responsibilities of a multi-speciality equine referral hospital, rotating on a two week basis between in-hosptial and ambulatory roles. 

While on the in-hospital rotation, the interns will be present for the admission of all emergencies, with initial direct supervision of the attending veterinarian. Interns have the opportunity to directly manage the care of all hospitalized patients with direct mentorship from the hospital director, averaging 25 cases per week. Direct participation in all aspects of equine care at the referral level, with one-on-one education from all veterinarians in the practice, including medicine, surgery, sports medicine (including nuclear scintigraphy and MRI), regenerative medicine, reproduction, neonatology and neurology is experienced. Interns are invited to scrub in on all elective and emergent surgeries, including colic, arthroscopic and orthopedic procedures. 

Ambulatory rotation allows the interns to serve (initially with direct supervision, later transitioning to independent operation with back-up always available) as the 24-hour on-call veterinarian for all emergencies. Interns perform a full range of scheduled appointments and have the opportunity to perform duties with each of the practice's seven veterinarians, gaining experience with a wide range of horses and clientele. While on the ambulatory rotation, the intern serves as anesthetist for all surgical cases. 


For more information regarding educational opportunities at New England Equine Practice and/or to schedule a visit, please contact Dr. Sabrina Geer at